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Giving Hope to Families in Need

Hoppee Inc., based in Missouri strives to improve the lives of Individuals and Families.

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Empowering Families and Communities

 We hold outreach events and other charitable projects where everyone can give back to the community. Started in May 2020, our charitable organization inspires positive change in people by offering opportunities for growth and development. Empowerment and positive change,  will encourage people to pay it forward and help others in need. 







At Hoppee Inc., we aim to improve the quality of life. We believe in people: In their strength and ability to create a better future!

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Mission Statement

 Empowering others to reach their fullest potential with dedicated support, resources and leadership.

Vision Statement

To be a trusted organization that provides hope, Individual Empowerment and opportunities. 

Testimonials About Hoppee Inc.

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Meet Our Founder, Shekela Bester

Born in Muncie, Indiana, a small-town girl with a big vision and hopes at a young age to make smiles contagious. A loving Mother determined Momtreprenuer and successful businesswoman, she follows a philosophy of never giving up. 

Shekela loves the outdoors, she enjoys gardening, fishing and capturing the moment. She has a ❤️ of gold. Her 1st event raised funds to provide book bags filled with schools supplies and lunches to over a hundred kids in need - and intends to push that number even higher every year to come. 

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If YOU missed us LIVE, that's ok just hit the link and it will play!📺🎥🎞👀Thank you Randi❣️❣️❣️❣️@RandiNaughton @FOX2now YOU MADE OUR DAY❣️ #mydreamcametrue #dreamsdocometrue #GivingTuesday #givingback

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